Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello from Across the Pond...

As much as I love emailing and social networking, I feel repetitive sometimes when I am chatting with everyone. I figured I would put most of the day to day antics in my blog so emails don't get long and drawn out :)

Day 4 in England. I think that the weather is getting to me because it changes so much. For the most part, it has been sunny most of the week. However, the temperature keeps changing. So it is totally killing my sinuses. I swore I brought my allergy meds but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Hmm, I may have to steal some of the claritin I brought over for Dave. Migraines two days in a row are no fun. I swear we have no ibuprofen in this house either, which go figure since Dave took it all the time at home. Tylenol does NOTHING for migraines... Still it's nice to be on an extended vacation :)

I have yet to establish a routine. I need to start some structure again. Of course I mention this last night and then I slept in again. Maybe tomorrow. I think I really under estimated how amped up I was before coming here.

Jason and I ventured to the local grocery store today. I was really hoping we weren't going to get lost because to tell you the truth, I don't even know the address of our flat. I only know the unit number and the general vacinity lol. It's a cute store, a tad bit pricey but not too bad. The bonus is that we are still in an English speaking country. I always had a harder time getting my point across when I was looking for something in Germany. 

Tonight is pub night and yes we will have a baby in a bar. We are just stopping to meet everyone though before we go have dinner. I wanted to take a pic of J there but I think it may be in poor taste and may get me in trouble :)

I've been trying to find something to do for the weekend but I think we may just stay local and go hiking around the moor. Maybe go check out the ruins and the free range animals. Speaking of free range animals for you carnivores out there, the meat here is delicious. Wow, way better than at home...just sayin'.

I will try to post some pictures from time to time but I am unsure about what our quota for the month. Don't want to get on the government's bad side...

I will add to the photo project that I started for Dave. Actually, maybe I will work on that now while Jason is still sleeping for a bit. I will post the link in a separate post.

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