Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aquariums and Ruins and Driving...Oh My!

This weekend we took Jason to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Of course, he was obsessed with seeing the sharks. Between sharks and dinosaurs, I think it is a tie for what he likes best.

Being in Plymouth, we also were at the waterfront where the Mayflower left for America.

On Sunday, we went to look at some Celtic and Roman ruins near a town called Minions. Similar to when we went to the Dartmoor, Jason ran around for about 15-20 minutes and then insisted on Dave carrying him the rest of the way.

We stopped a great local pub on the way back to Tavistock. They had amazing Sunday roasts of any kind of meat you wanted and a ton of veggies and gravy. Yummy!

When we got back, I drove to the store by myself to pick up a few items. It's only a few minute drive, but hey it was something. Driving on the opposite side of the road really makes you pay attention so much more. There are so many roundabouts here, you really need to make sure you follow everything. I think that it will still be a while before I drive down to Plymouth alone. It took both Dave, myself and the GPS to find our way around.

Tomorrow I am starting Potty Training Boot Camp for Jason. I have to admit I am nervous but he's ready. Maybe he'll surprise me but I think I am in for a fight...

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